“So seek help through patience and prayer, indeed it is difficult to do except for the humble ones." 2:45

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Vertical Principles

What does that patience and prayer look like in a real-world situation? • To have a sincere intention to isolate all actions for Allah • To seek enough knowledge to know who is Allah so that Allah is worshipped with evidence • To acknowledge ones transgressions, mistakes and faults and ask the Lord for forgiveness then restore the rights of those we might've wronged • To use the worship tools provided by the Sunnah to grow in our connection to the hereafter • To treat others with compassion respect and forbearance We believe that before Urban Muslims can be upstanders in social justice, it is important to first be spiritually grounded. Through Spentem, we stress the importance of proper belief and worship to our members through learning Islamic Hunafaa and simultaneously diving deeply into their own narratives. Our strategy helps individuals explore childhood experiences and family make-up in order to best confront and address strengths and or mental / emotional deficiencies. We then utilize the tools of night prayer, volunteer fasts, contemplative thought and prophetic supplication in an effort to improve our individual condition and collective progress. The murder and demoralization that Muslims are suffering from all over the world cannot be solved with just food donations and political protests. While those things are good supplementary tools, the main tool is the spiritual edification of each individual Muslim wherever they are. We can do nothing better for our brothers overseas than to be as sincere to Allah as possible. The more we have reverence for the Divine principles of Islam the more our spiritual edification will have a positive effect on them. The radiance of our sincerity will travel, inspire and deliver them along with their hard work. But to double down on more politics while our hearts are in distress and our actions have run amuck, is to double down on nothingness.


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